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Left Item in Room.....What to do?

Question asked by txman on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by jerryl

So I stayed at the Courtyard in Victora Texas awhile back. About a half an hour after checking out, I realized I left my new Ifit (a week old) bracelet sitting next to the alarm clock. I quickly call the office. The lady that answers the phone at the front desk, and tells me she will check with house keeping and the manager or assistant manger will call me back shortly. At this point I'm trying to decide if I need to turn around and go back or just wait. Shortly I get a call from management. The lady tells me that the housekeeping manager went up to the room, and found it exactly where I told them I left it. Now come the fun part..... Do I turn around now and drive the 45-60 minutes back and end up late to my next appointment or get them to hold on to it for a couple of weeks knowing will be back through Victoria in a couple of weeks. I choose the latter. The manager tells me that she will put it in a bag and I can pick it up when I come back to town. A couple of weeks later I come back into town, I stop by the Courtyard the lady at the counter tries to help me out, she goes back to the lost and found, talks to the manager on duty, comes back out to her dismay...can't find it anyway. I give her exact dates, what happened, etc. I tell her I have a few things to do in town, I come back in an hour or two. She was very nice offered me a coffee. A couple of hours later I come back it is now where to be found. The head of housekeeping comes out we talk some more, turns out she was the lady that went back up to my room and found the bracelet, brought it back down to the manager, but low and behold...they still can't find it. They tell me the manager that was on duty the day I left it (the one that called me about it and said they would hold it for me) would call me later on that afternoon.....and guess what.....she never called. So now I am throwing out my situation here, looking for someone give me some advice. I realize I am only gold.......would platinum have better results?