Recommendation: Taste the English lifestyle!

Discussion created by fistuk on Sep 21, 2015
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Are you travelling to London, UK sometime?

If you are than you may like to have a nice experience of a stay in a very unique Marriott hotel:

The 'Marriott Hanbury Manor' hotel is located just 45 minutes (by train) north of London. The speciality of this hotel is it's unique style - an old Victorian style of a remarkable building which used to be a school in the far past.

The interior of the hotel has its own magic, almost like a castle or even a royal palace... Imagine yourself seating in its luxurious lobby having the traditional English afternoon tea... what a unique feeling! I can assure you that for several moments you'll feel like the queen of England!! Guaranteed!!!

If you're a golfer as well than your enjoyment will be double as the hotel is a country club hotel which has a giant golf course.


I've done that not too long ago and I was completely thrilled by this very unique experience!!!

My platinum membership assisted me quite significantly in enhancing my experience: I booked a 'Prestige' room and managed to get a very reduced rate for it by using the 'Look No Further' rate. I also got upgraded to the 'Hanbury Suite' which is the biggest one in the hotel (94sqm/1011sqft)!



I had quite a great bargain for such a stay: while this suite is usually sold for almost £400/night I paid only £114/night. Thank you Marriott and the 'Best Rate Guarantee' policy!