Paris by Train

Discussion created by traveler2 on Nov 25, 2009
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First time to Europe and want to do it up right!!

We are arriving into Paris from London taking the train.  Not sure how to do that yet but advice is appreciated!!! My question is about hotels. Which hotel is the most accesible after getting off the train?

I am leaning toward the CE or the Rive Guache but am willing to entertain any other ideas.  One thing I like about RG is the executive room, but I don't suppose I should make a decision based on that!  But then again, that's why we stay loyal!  The perks! But I like the charm of the CE and not sure if I want to trade that! Oh the headache!!  Haha!

I really apprecaite all the help from the message boards. All of you are terrific. Jerry and the Professor, you're both so helpful and I truly appreciate it.