Marriott needs a Plutonium tier

Discussion created by pltnmprincess on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by pey

I have been reading the discussion on the "double nights" thread regarding the comparison of those who earn status by staying the full amount of nights and those who earn it because of certain promotions.  I understand both sides of this issue.  As Thinze pointed out, Marriott's business grows by having more members with status.  But I also agree with Pingreeman that if everyone becomes gold or platinum, then where is the recognition for "true" status?  For every 50 people who are "almost Gold or Platinum", 1 person has stayed their 75 nights (or 175 nights).  While it makes business sense to keep those 50 people happy, it is not a good business practice to anger the person who actually stayed and paid all those nights.


So, a proposed solution would be to add another tier for those with 100+ (or should we make it 125, 150?) actual nights.  I called it the Plutonium level, because this caliber of member is "untouchable" and should be handled very carefully.  This tier should have guaranteed upgrades, free internet, 75% bonus, 1000 amenity points, and dont forget the slippers.


What do you think?