Staying at Mariott on Rewards Points - London

Discussion created by sookti on Nov 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2010 by hawaiiowner

The 3 of us (myself, my wife, and our 13 yr old daughter) would like to stay somewhere shortly after New Year, using Marriott Rewards Points. I will be a Gold member, through to Feb 2010 - but I will not be successful in renewing my status - so I would like to use the points at the above time period, so I can get Gold Elite benefits, inlcuding lounge access (hopefully weekend and also weekdays).

I am thinking of staying outside of North America - so I thought one option might be London England - options such as the Cariibbean are out, because they are resorts, and they do not give lounge access (even if they have lounges) to Gold Elite members.

Which Marriott in London would be nice. I was thinking of the Kensington one - because of pointsavers awards, and because of the current pointsavers promotion for discounts.

I have been to London before, so Kensington is a relative good place to stay.

Are there other hotels, esp with good lounges (open 7 days a week) that you would recommend? Which lounges, if any, offer hot and well as cold snacks? Do any lounges offer free PC computer access?