Platinum Elite Benefits on MMF Rate at Courtyard

Discussion created by arlingtonman on Sep 13, 2015
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Good afternoon, Insiders community!  I'm hoping you can help me with some small issues from a recent hotel stay.


I stayed at at a Courtyard hotel in New York City on September 11 on a slightly discounted MMF rate ($50 less than BAR).  When I arrived at the hotel and checked in, I was not offered the welcome amenity (400 points + market item or Starbucks coffee).  Additionally, I have not been awarded points for my incidental spend ($49.00 parking charged to room should yield 735 rewards points, right?).


I called Marriott Customer Service this afternoon, and they apologized and opened up a case with the hotel.  The hotel responded, saying that:


Dear [Name removed],


Thank you for reaching out to our Marriott Customer Care.  We value you as a Platinum Elite Member. I do see you booked under the Friends and Family Rate. I did go ahead and call Marriott Rewards on your behalf and I can confirm the rate at which you booked is not eligible to receive points because the associated rate is a privileged rate.


If there is anything else I can do to assist you please don’t hesitate to ask.



[Name removed]


In my reply, I explained that I knew my rate was not eligible to earn points on room revenue or elite night credits, but I referenced this Insider's thread that said "status trumps rate code" and Platinum elites should always receive their welcome amenity regardless of the rate booked. 

Friends and Family Rate MMF - Eligible for Benefits?


They replied again, this time saying that:


Dear [Name removed],


The bonus points for the Courtyard is 400 bonus points which is automatically applied upon check in. I did speak to Marriott Rewards on your behalf to confirm if you will receive the bonus points and it was explained  that associated rates are not eligible. However you are still entitled to the benefits of either a Market item or a Starbucks Coffee, I can see that a market item was selected upon check in.



[Name removed]


Shouldn't I receive my points because that is a platinum amenity and status trumps rate code?  What is a bit more frustrating is that I didn't get offered either a market item or a Starbucks coffee at check in (and got neither during my stay) even though they insist that I did, which is false.  CCTV would confirm this, but I'm hoping it won't come to that....


Any advise on how to proceed?  I'd hate to leave 1,135 points on the table...not even so much for their value, as for the underlying principle of everything.  Thanks for any assistance you can provide...I really appreciate it!