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Children left alone in Kiddie Club in Malaysia- Who do I contact?

Question asked by plum9195 on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2015 by lindseyh

I stayed for 5 nights at the Marriott Putrajaya in Malaysia last week.  I used my points (I am Gold Status)  and chose that location because of the fact it advertised that it was great for families with children and had lots of kid activities and great kids pool (not true BTW - pool slide does not even work) and a Kiddie Club.  I intended to be able to let my children play in the supervised kids club (they are girls, 9 and 11) while I would do work for a couple of hours onsite at the business lounge or relaxed in the on-site spa.  We planned our vacation and day trips around these options. 


Imagine my dismay when the first time I enrolled my children at the club, when I came back one and half hours later they were in tears - petrified.  The Kiddie Club attendant was no where to be found.  They had been alone for at a minimum of 30 minutes and were very scared.  They said the attendant did not even tell them she was leaving - they went to look for her to ask for help with the PlayStations (of which we later find out do not exist - even though they are advertised) and could not find anyone at all in the club.


I spoke with the front office manager (Nelson) who apologized and promised to get back in touch with me the next day on how the situation would be dealt with - this did not happen, I went to see him for the next two days and he was never "available".  I sent an email to the General Manager, Mr. Simon Yong at least 3 days ago - no reply. 


I am not a usual poster on this site, but am reaching out for help on how this should be handled.  Do you think they left my children alone because I was using points to "pay" for the stay and not "real money" and that is why they are not getting back in touch with me?  Surely not??