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Lifetime Platnium Rewards-What Else Besides Not Chasing the 75 Nights?

Question asked by bigred on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by pingreeman

Thank you to one and all for the various comments and congratulations on my achieving lifetime platinum status. As I asked yesterday, what else does one benefit from this achievement except to not have to chase the 75 nights each year. As one gets older and slowes down and doesn't travel as much the thought of not having to chase the nights does have it's appeal. Yesterday I contacted parties inside the Rewards program that I have befriended over the years. They confirmed and truly sympathisized with me that there should be more to this achievement then just not having to chase nights. Some one gave me 25,000 points to my account to mark the occasion.

My business/marketing mind took over and I suggested to them at their next "meeting" with management that they suggest the following:(hopefully "Arne" or Arnold as we use to call him on the playground will listen and hear the idea) On the anniversary of the achievement of becoming lifetime platinum you are awarded a free night each year that can also be saved or rolled over. The night should be at least good for a category five location and can be added to in terms of payment if one wants a higher category. The "payment" for the one night could be in points added to your account-some thing already being done-or a certificate issued to your account-something already being done. Any business innovation that can be implemented without substantial investment has got to be attractive to a company. Both methods of payment would qualify as the means are already in place.

Would "JW" turn over in his grave-NO-he would understand the value of the pay off and show his generosity for the loyalty shown over the years by some one like me and others.

Hopefully the "administrator" will allow this discussion to happen by "publishing" this suggestion.

So, to sum up, if you make lifetime platinum you get a credit card in the mail you can show to prove you have this rank, you can forget about chasing nights and all the other platinum benefits some of us are use to getting in the first place.


If you like the idea let's hear from you.......BIG RED