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"Real" Honeymoon in Florida

Question asked by brightlybob on Sep 15, 2015
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Regular readers of my disassociated postings on or around this forum, but especially my monthlong roadtrip discussion (I'm not convinced the setup for blogs here really encourages participation so post my stuff as discussions/questions) will be aware I'm looking at a stay in Southern Florida next year, but reading many postings on the subject has led me to information overload, so I've decided to ask a question and put my trust into your hands, fellow insiders.


Some readers may recall, I was married in July and straight afterwards we left in a long-planned holiday to Canada to see the in-laws and take a lengthy roadtrip with our 3 teens and their cousin visiting Ottawa, Adirondacks, NYC, DC, Pennsylvania and Niagara (and picking up a meet with bejacob too!). It was a wonderfully active road-trip and we did get 4 nights together in Toronto and Montreal at the end after handing the teens over to the in-laws, but it could in no way be called a proper honeymoon.


On our return to the UK my missus received an email from Tesco where she does most of our shopping advising her that she now had £255 of Clubcard points and that she could exchange them for 75,000 Virgin Atlantic miles, enough for a Premium Economy return to anywhere in the USA. Since she had miles from our Virgin flight to Orlando in 2014, she took them up in the offer and exchanged the lot!


Now, like my wife, I had 10,000 miles from my flight to Orlando, but that was it, so I had to look at ways to up my balance, and elected to cash in a Cat 6 Marriott Travel Package sending 120,000 miles to my Virgin account. We now had enough in the accounts for a 1st Class return to anywhere flown by Virgin (except Hong Kong).


Are we with me so far?


Now, my wife is a college lecturer so her holidays are restricted to school holiday times, and our teens are 14, 16 & 18. Although legally we can leave them during our honeymoon, they will argue in our absence and there's likely to be trouble. However I work from home and my Clerk, a Birmingham resident lives in at my house in the guest room during the week, Monday to Thursday night. As a wedding present he has offered to stay over for a weekend to be the "adult" for the entire period we're away. But the result of all this is we're very restricted on our dates. We want to go around the Easter holidays which are rather odd in 2016 meaning we will need to depart on Monday 4th April and return on the overnight flight on Thursday 14th. All on redemptions.


Much looking led me to book a 1st class redemption for me and the missus to Miami, with the intention of staying 3 paid nights in the city and then 7 somewhere on a beach, upgrading my Cat6 certificate as required.


So, fellow Insiders, flying to Miami on 4th April 2016, where to stay in the city? And where to stay for a resort-beach type week? There are several hotels in Miami proper, then for the week there's Miami beach, or Fort Lauderdale area, or Marco Island, or the Florida Keys. Have I missed anything? What would you suggest?