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Once again, I feel compelled to write about the Residence Inn Marriott property located in Rocky Mount, NC. I have stayed at Marriott properties across the country; including Renaissance properties in Baltimore, MD, Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, CA, and Nashville, TN.



None of these properties can compare to the quality and service I have experienced at the Residence Inn in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Every time I stay, I realize that they have set the bar a little higher for everyone else. Everyone, and I mean everyone at this location needs to be commended. In previous posts on Marriott Insiders, Trip Advisor, and here, I have named many individuals at this location that make every guest feel special.



In this nomination for the "Spirit to Serve," I have only one person to name, Becky Kerere, the General Manager. She is a tireless leader. I see her there first thing in the morning chatting with guests at breakfast, and into the wee hours of the night, making sure that the evening social hour is well above the expected standards. My hat is off to her. I have been in upper management for quite some time, and let me just tell you, I can count the number of "Becky's" I've had on only one hand.



For her and her team, the "spirit to serve" culture is alive and well! Feel free to contact me directly for more details about this jewel in the crown of Marriott.