Is This The Type of Service One Expects from A Courtyard

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The Liberty Station, San Diego Airport Courtyard is a  decent Courtyard, since it is off the freeway and does not get much noise from the airport, even though it is very close.  The staff is not well-trained to deal with room requests or issues.  I called ahead to make sure that my room would not be near whiny ambient noises that bother me.  I specified some areas of noise that are common--ice machines, air exchange fans, etc.  When I arrived, no room had been blocked, and there were limited choices, even though I arrived at check in time.  The front desk selected a room that was in a virtual echo chamber of fans, that not only make noise but make a vibration, two doors down from the electrical room, and above the pool filter that is housed in a small house like structure.  If you stand outside on the balcony it sounds like  a small heliport.  I asked to be moved but was told there were no other rooms available.  Shortly after dinner, a scheduled high school reunion took place in the pool cocktail area, just below these balconies.  No mention of that yuk fest from the staff when discussing my placement in a quiet room. 


I had the worst night in a hotel I ever experienced traveling, and was offered a room nearby, two floor downs facing the parking lot at 3 a.m.  I decided not to leave the room in the middle of the night, with all my photography gear in tow, or worse, leaving it behind unattended as the person at the desk suggested.


Imagine my surprise when a few hours later, while still trying to get some rest, a full blown triathlon started up only yards from my balcony.  This noise included the usual air horn starts, a national anthem, as well as crowd cheering.  Not a word from the staff when discussing my request for a quiet room that this was taking place just outside my balcony, and had been in this location yearly for 3 years.  The only notice the hotel had was that the road leading to the hotel, which was about 1/4 mile away, would be impacted by a triathlon taking place, and it might take longer to get into the hotel from the surrounding streets. 


The next morning I went to the front desk to get a room exchange, and was told the room would be moved as soon as it was vacated, so I left my packed bag and some food items ready to be moved.  I was told it was not a water view room that I paid a premium for, so my rate would be lowered.  I asked for a discount on the first night, but was told I had to speak to the manager.  So off to my meeting I went, sleepless in San Diego, with the offer of a free cup of coffee..


When I returned to the hotel to take a nap several hours later, presumably in my new room, I was told it was not ready and to wait for the keys, even though a call was made an hour before I was to arrive, to let them know I needed to have a room available for a nap.  I was told to chill in the lobby while they moved the one bag to the other room.  I offered to do the moving, and was told that was not necessary. I asked for a working key for my original room so I could lie down, and was refused, since my one bag was being moved.   So my opportunity for a nap dissipated since I had other obligations that could not be cancelled. 


The following day when I was checking out with my adult son, who had a train to catch to his home in Southern California, I noted that they had not reduced the rate for a non-view room, as promised the previous morning.  Again, told I had to wait for a manager, who was coming down from another floor and would be there momentarily.  Not so, it took over 10 minutes for him to arrive, after I told the front desk clerk that this was the time we had to have a meal before his train left, so I had to get going.  Finally the man shows up, Rick, asks me to move away from the desk and tells me even though he is the designated manager, my reservation had been for a bayview room, and I was downgraded because all those rooms were noisy with the pool fan/electrical room generator noise, and there had been no adjustment, he had to speak to another manager not in on Sunday.  Big time waste again, that still has not been resolved as promised when I was downgraded. The so-called manager had no authority to deal with the situation, and I should have been told that from the beginning, rather than being asked to wait for the "manager" only to be told he had no authority to charge me the rate for the room that was clearly downgraded in terms of being water view.