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After 40+ Years- What Can Be expected from Lifetime Platnium?

Question asked by bigred on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by verysuiteboy

After 40+ years in a business career, I have just now obtained permanent lifetime platinum status. Aside from every member of the Marriott team commenting on my loyalty before I got to this level and now even more, that I actually got to this level- what is in it for me? Apparently, the only worth while advantage is that I no longer have to chase my 75 nights each year. Seems a small compensation for years of "loyalty" to a worth while firm.  Is there any one out there who can help me learn more about this "accomplishment" and it's benefits, as I go forward using and earning points for use for stays,etc? Years ago I learned of the special phone numbers for platinum members as I have been platinum for many of the 40+ years in the program.Seems "Arne" or is that Arnold could at least  acknowledge the accomplishment with say another free night-would it really kill them to give me such a reward.....really!.....Welcome any comments any one has......thanks