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The Inn At Opryland: how do I email them to ask about their charge?

Question asked by jónþór on Sep 6, 2015
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I just stayed at The Inn At Opryland for three days this August and booked directly through the website.


However, now when I'm checking my bank online I see a charge on my credit card that they want me to pay - with no explanation as to what it could be; especially since I didn't use any of their services except for the wi-fi, which is supposed to be free when you book directly through their website, which I did.


I have very little interest in phoning them and would much rather email them (much less likelyhood of difficulties in them understanding what I'm trying to convey and also the added security of having everything "on-record").


There's no explanation as to what it could possibly be (I'm contacting my bank online after I've written this) but the amount is 52,07 USD and I'm most certainly challenging it, as everything was paid up ...especially according to the paper-slip that was slipped inside a crack of my front door ....the first time that it's ever been done in a hotel I've stayed at and I don't quite know what to make of it.


Is there any way to email The Inn At Opryland?