Marriott hotels in Budapest, Hungary

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This is a brief overview about your best Marriott options in Budapest.

I've already been to Budapest several times and have stayed in both leading Marriott hotels in the city:

1. The Budapest Marriott hotel

2. The Boscolo hotel (Autograph Collection)

Although Budapest also offers a Courtyard hotel and an Executive Apartments facility, these two are considered to be the best Marriott options for the common visitor in Budapest, and choosing in which to stay is individually depended:

1. The Marriott hotel is a classic hotel of the regular Marriott brand which resides by the Danube river and provides all its guests with spectacular views of the Danube and the castle on the hill.

2. The Boscolo hotel resides in the inner part of the city centre and provides its guests with a luxury type of stay.

So in which one should you choose to stay? That depends on what is more important to you:

* Do you prefer a luxury style or do you prefer the view?

* Do you prefer to have an outdoor area? The Boscolo is an indoor only hotel type while the Marriott offers two attractive outdoor terraces in front of the river. One terrace is of the hotel's restaurant also used for breakfast (in the season - quite a lovely experience!) and the other terrace is of the hotel's bar.

* As an elite Rewards member, do you prefer to have an executive lounge available to you while you stay? Only the Marriott hotel can offer you that. As part of the 'Autograph Collection' brand, the Boscolo doesn't offer that.

* Does the room size make a significant difference to you? While the rooms in the Marriott are the common\regular size, the Boscolo hotel offers its guest a relatively huge size of luxury rooms including a huge bathroom!


So what is your preference?

I personally stayed a couple of time in both:

While the Boscolo provides a great experience & quality of service, I think that I'm more of an outdoor guest. I like to have a terrace where I can smoke my cigars peacefully, especially if there's a unique view in the front