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Variances in MegaBonus promotion for Platinum Premier

Question asked by mr.rao on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by travelagent16

I have been staying at Marriott for many years now and have maintained Platinum Premier status for more than few years. I have noticed over recent years that Marriott's MegaBonus promotions varies from Account to Account and is more targeted towards getting more Customer to stay at Marriott.


Few of my friends who stays less have got better Mega Bonus promotion. I have also noticed that friends who do challenge to start staying at Marriott got Platinum status along with better MegaBonus promotion. I feel that the strategy used by Marriott to get people stay more at marriott for new or less staying Member, good for Business however it shouldn't be at cost of their most loyal Platinum Premier members. They should give the most loyal customer better or at the very least same level of Promotion to make points. The current strategy makes me want to stay less and maintain lower level to get better promotion.


Question : Do you agree with Marriott strategy to give better promotion to other members and not their most loyal one (Platinum Premier)?


Attached is the screenshot of my account with no Fall MegaBonus promotion for 2015.