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What Was Your Labor Day Feast?

Question asked by iahflyr on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by tm2015

Well it's now the day after Labor Day so thought of it as a good time to learn what other Insiders feasted on for the holiday?


The IAHFLYR household got out the small charcoal grill and turned it into a mini smoker.  I got the temperature to 230 degrees and tossed some Pecan chips on the fire.

First on was a lone Pork Chop we had in the freezer and after thawing it rubbed it with a Tangy Mustard Sauce.  After 90 minutes I then put a small piece of Atlantic Salmon in the mini smoker.  Since Atlantic Salmon is a little more moist than Wild Sockeye, King, Copper River or other tasty Salmon from the Great Northwest Pacific waters we smoke the Atlantic.  Our favorite is Pacific Salmon over Atlantic Salmon when grilling or putting it on a Cedar Plank, but Atlantic smokes very well.  Of course a slightly smoked piece of Pineapple is always good to enjoy with Pork.


While I was playing outside with the grill Mrs. IAH was finishing off some Northern Beans in the Crock Pot that had been cooking low and slow for eight hours.  She mixed the beans with an Onion, Carrots, and a few Spices......WOW were they good.  It was her very first attempt at following a recipe from start to finish as she normally gives up on it and goes by taste (a shake of this and a shake of that), they turned out awesome.


After the Pork and Salmon were resting I got some Boudin out and used the remaining fire to put some smoke on it, yummy and it was eaten long before I could get the camera out.


A fun quiet day at home was enjoyed, so what's your story?