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Room Availibility

Question asked by bobevans on Sep 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by muppetwrangler

I am hoping under the 'Spirit to Serve' ethos, someone from Marriott Rewards will pick this up and give me a clear answer! I tried to book a Saturday night at the Birmingham Marriott in the UK for late September but there was no availability. However when I then tried both the Friday and Saturday nights then there was availability. I also noticed that the room rate was more than double the normal rate for this hotel. I suspect this is due to a nearby event in the Birmingham Arena. Whilst I fully understand Marriott taking the opportunity to charge higher prices based on demand, I am angry that forcing a double room rate and a 2 night stay instead of 1 is verging on profiteering and is on par with what we have all seen in the banking industry in the last few years (and we all know what happened there). Being a Lifetime Platinum, having been loyal to the brand for 20+ years I find this appalling to say the least. So Marriott cough up and lets see what you have to say about this!