Paris hotels in July 2016

Discussion created by mtl_traveller on Aug 30, 2015
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I was waiting for the July 2016 rates to appear to book our hotel in Paris, we have tickets to the Euro 2016 soccer championship, and when the calendar finally showed Jul available, the 3 nights I wanted were not available! How frustrating! All month available to book except July 8-9-10. And this is the case for all Paris hotels except the new one Ambassador Opera. So I booked it, but I really wanted the Renaissance Arc, we went there several times and love it.

Why would Marriott black out these 3 nights even for their best customers (I'm Gold, on my way to Plat) for all their hotels except one? Selling in advance to groups/agencies? Not nice!

and this is also the case for the Nice/Monaco hotels, nothing can be booked around match dates.