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Discussion created by tomkresin on Aug 29, 2015
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I absolutely love Marriott and it's the first hotel of choice for me.  So I considered myself very lucky to have my conference choose this hotel as the host hotel for the event.  Unfortunately, I left disappointed.


The good - One of the things that many Marriott hotels don't seem to do is look at is my profile and preferences.  I note a high floor, away from elevators and extra towels.  My stay was on the 22nd floor, as far away from the elevator as possible :-) and some extra towels set on my bed.  I'm thinking, this is good.  Even had a pretty awesome view of San Jose.  And I liked how the room was laid out with the "business center" actually separated out from the main bedroom.


The bad - I never really thought about it before but it's nice when you check in and get the "Welcome back and thank you for being a (Marriott Rewards/Elite) member" and they hand you an "Elite" key.  When I checked in, it was pretty much typical check-in stuff until finally I get, "I see you only have x stays until the next level".  Okay, no biggie, at least they know I'm an Elite member.  The next morning, I walk out into the hallway and almost every door got a newspaper, except me.  Since reading USA Today is part of my morning ritual, I went down to the lobby, grabbed a copy and ask them to drop off a USA Today at my door the next morning.


The next morning came and no USA Today so I called down to have them deliver it because I was getting ready for a call on the East Coast.  And because I needed a reliable high speed connection, I paid for the super high speed internet connection.  When that didn't quite work, I made long distance calls to get into meetings (that I would normally do through the computer).  As it turns out, I wasn't given the super high speed connection when I looked at the bill and was charged the long distance calls (which would have been free with the super high speed connection).


Okay, these seem minor until the next day I see blood on my bedsheets after the maid had been there.  I went down to the lobby to make them change them.  And then I discover a full unopen pack of cigarettes in my room (I don't smoke).  This place is getting more and more on my nerves.  And with the drought in CA as bad as it is, I was very alert not to use a lot of water.  However, I do like warm showers and only one morning did I have one.  My last morning there I took a shower at 2:30am and it was cold.  Really?  At 2:30am?  (I had a 6:30 flight).


Upon checkout, I was expecting a "how was your stay?"  No, pretty much, "Questions on your bill?  Coffee behind you. Cabs outside."  I finally said, look, here's a pack of cigarettes that I don't own, etc., etc.  Had my company not paid for my accommodations, I might have switched to the Hilton (which is also connected to the convention center).    And since I never received a survey to point out in private my concerns on this place, I felt this was the only good option for me to voice my concerns.  I try to fill out the surveys whenever possible and I give good reviews.  This is the first Marriott where I got a clunker.  Perhaps I just happened to draw the short straw this time.  , nbn