Spirit to Serve Nomination for Bistro Staff @ PHXBC

Discussion created by weezeee on Aug 26, 2015
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I would like to nominate the exceptional service that the staffs at the Bistro located at Courtyard Phoenix North / Happy Valley (PHXBC).  In particular, I want to nominate the young lady Guadalupe (Lupe).  Let me recount my visit.


So today I went downstairs to have dinner.  I've always stayed at the Residence Inn beside it so never had a chance to try out the Bistro.  When I was looking at the menu, I wanted to try the Green Curry Shrimp Bowl, a new, seasonal, item.  Of course I had to ask for an ice-tea but there's nothing on the menu for that.  To make me happy, they went ahead and brewed some Tazo tea with little hot water, and seep it before putting it in a glass with ice.  It was perfect.  Then, after a while of waiting for my food, Lupe approached me and apologized that the shrimp bowl did not turn out to be the way she like it, (and it looked like she tried more than once), so she wanted to know if I want something else instead.  I asked for suggestion, and she recommended the BBQ chicken flatbread.  It was perfectly done.  At this point I thought to myself the shrimp bowl was probably pretty good but she just don't want me to have something that's not perfect.  After bringing me the flatbread, she wanted to make sure I'm happy (may be because the item I paid for is $2 more than the flat bread?  Personally as long as food is good it's already worth it), she asked if I want anything else.  I asked if they have a small side salad I could have, and she recommended the spinach citrus salad.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Fresh and refreshing.  After that, another staff at the Bistro came and want to make sure I have everything I want and need, and even was suggesting if I wanted a soup.  While I'm positive the food will be wonderful (you can tell from the previous 2 dishes that it was very meticulously made, and I'm an elite in a major food review site so I know that well), I was too full to accept.


I would say that I am very impressed with the hospitality and service that both staffs at the Bistro provided, and Lupe went above and beyond to ensure I have an outstanding dining experience.


These the reason I strongly believe Guadalupe at Courtyard Phoenix North / Happy Valley's Bistro should be awarded the spirit to serve.