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Is It OK For Marriott To Change The Name On A Reservation?

Question asked by tommo781 on Aug 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by john_thai

I know I said I was leaving the forums, but this is really getting my goat, and I would appreciate any views other Insiders may have.  I quite understand if no-one wishes to answer, but please don't be rude to me because I have popped in again to ask a question.


Recently I booked 2 rooms in a UK hotel using my Rewards number, one for me and Mrs Tommo for 10 days, the other for friends who were joining us for part of the time.  Both were reserved under my Marriott Rewards number as the friends are not Marriott customers, and were happy for us to have their points.  As Mrs Tommo and I are known as very regular customers at the hotel, we negotiated a fantastic deal for ourselves and our friends.  They would never have got the advantageous rates they did without us being so well known.  The deal also stipulated that no payment was required until check out.


The bookings were both in my name, and with my rewards number.  It is my understanding that this is perfectly in order, but the second room will not earn elite night credits, only points.  That was fine by me, and we have done this in the past.


Our friends checked in earlier than they thought, and at the time we were not in the hotel.  They did not have to produce a credit card, as my card was registered on the booking.  When we arrived at the hotel a little later, our friends told us they had gone to their room, and realised WiFi needed to be paid for in the room.  So they went to reception, and asked what they could do to get if free.  (I know, under our Rewards number it would be free anyway!!!!!!!!  But they didn't realise that.)  The person on reception immediately persuaded them to sign up for Marriott Rewards to get free internet access in their room, telling them that at the end of their stay they could transfer the points to me.  I didn't think for one minute that was correct, but didn't want to make a fuss.


The receptionist then changed the booking from my name to theirs, registered them for Marriott Rewards and took a swipe of their card.  Needless to say, at checkout they were told they could not transfer the points to us.  So they now have over 15,000 points they will never use.  Conversely, I did all the legwork, got them excellent rates, and will get nothing.


Surely Marriott cannot just change a reservation from one name to another without asking the person who made the original booking?  I really feel very hard done by on this issue, and will never help Marriott to secure a costly booking again for my friends if this isn't resolved.