Will have the nights, but not the points for Lifetime Gold

Discussion created by ready4atrip on Aug 28, 2015
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I have been a Marriott Rewards member for decades.  Thanks to business travel the last few years and the Marriott credit cards, I will soon have the nights needed for Lifetime Gold Status.  However, I need about 250,000 points to achieve that level.


I usually get great rates when staying at a Marriott hotel.  Because what I spend on Marriott hotel stays is not much, it doesn't convert to many points earned.

Business travel has ceased, so I won't be qualifying for the Megabonus point extravaganzas anymore.

I find that I actually get greater value in cash back with other credit cards than the points are worth using the Marriott credit card. 


I guess I will have to get used to the drop in status, as leisure travel nights total only about 15-20 a year.


Too bad a person cannot gift points to another without being a spouse or partner.

I already have the associated credit cards, so sign-up bonuses are not a possibility.


I am just venting, as I really enjoy the extra care and service I receive with my present platinum status and had hoped to have it continue with lifetime Gold.  I know many of you are in the same position.


Enjoy your travels!!