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Summer is slowly winding down. The kids are back in school and football season is about to begin. All very important things. Now is the best time to take a staycation!


For some of us, a staycation is a trip not too far from home. To see the city lights at night. To be a block from your favorite coffee shop for an early morning cup. To experience the best and brightest of your local metropolitan area. To get away from the dishes in the sink for a night! The reasons are many, the options are endless.


We follow your trips around the world, some for months at a time (ahem, @brightlybob) But sometimes, a trip close to home is all one needs to refresh the mechanism.


So, here’s the real question:


We know you folks dot the globe. From Houston in the south to Hawaii in the west, the UK to Pittsburgh, Florida to Maine. You Insiders are everywhere, and you know the scoop, so here’s the real question(s):


How would you define a staycation? Furthermore, what would your ideal “staycation” look like?