Marriott app feedback - Automatic logouts/timeouts, etc.

Discussion created by timandjulz on Aug 25, 2015
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The app on Android has continued to improve.  Thanks for making my life easier.  But there is room for improvement.


Automatic Logout - not!

Allow me to configure "Never logout" or "Remember password" option that never expires.  Typing a password while driving is unsafe and that is usually when I open the app.  I have had to pull over so many times to type in a password.  Also, I use long secure passwords which take a long time to enter.


If I haven't entered my password in some short period of time and am trying to view credit card or other PI data then go ahead and ask for confirmation.  But I don't consider my hotel reservation PI data.


I have had the password expire during the reservation.  After a meeting, I want it to be easy to get back to the hotel.  Open Marriott app, navigate to my hotel.


My phone already provides a lock mechanism.  If I don't choose to use that then the Marriott app should respect that.  Otherwise the lock mechanism protects the Marriott app.  You could even make me acknowledge that if you wanted to protect the company.


Use phone map application

Give the ability to open the default map application.  And do so as early as possible.  i.e. I should open the app and see my reservation for today.  My likely next steps, in order of likelihood are:

1) Driving to the hotel - immediately jump to the phone's default navigation app.  Update: This is already available on the reservation as shown in the first screen.  (And ONLY on the first screen)  Diverging arrow icon takes you to the navigation app.

2) Sharing hotel information (name, address and phone number) via email, text or social media post.  Update: Tested again... no way to copy text in the reservation information.

3) Calling the hotel.  Update: This is already available on the reservation as shown in the first screen.  (And ONLY on the first screen)  Phone icon takes you to the dialer.

4) Reviewing reservation details.  I actually don't do this much.


99% of the time I only do #1 and #2.



Make it easy to copy/paste hotel information.  Press and hold on text should let me highlight.  At the least press and hold should give me options to copy the name, address, phone and/or reservation information.


I always find I am needing to share information with a colleague via text or email.  This would be very helpful.


Message was edited by: timandjulz Updated that navigation and dial ability is there but only on the first page.  If you view the reservation you can't navigate or dial.