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Traveling with our Furry Friends

Question asked by joshm on Aug 20, 2015
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Sometimes our furry friends need a getaway, too.


I was recently inspired by h.habbach and her photo to ponder the community’s travels and the four legged friends we often leave behind, or don’t.


For example, my grandmother structures her travels around the need to be close and/or accessible to her dogs: Summer and Bo.


If she’s driving somewhere, it’s to a place that is relatively close, such that she can return in good time to her second set of grandkids (we hardly count as grandchildren anymore). She rarely goes anywhere without a plan to return to those two, both of which I secretly believe are part human. They may in fact be two of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. One of them talks to me.

Seriously. And I may or may not talk back.


Now, she hasn’t flown in a while, not since owning these the two goof balls. If she did, I’m almost certain that Summer and Bo would be going on an adventure!


How do you travel with loved ones; the four legged folk, that is. Do you bring them along every time? Board them? Enlist the help of friends and family to take care of the little ones while you’re away? MOST importantly, can we see pictures? Please?!


There are some great threads by the folks in the community about pets as well. Take a peek, and share your thoughts:


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