How to escalate after no response from customer care?

Discussion created by unresolvedissue on Aug 18, 2015
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I was double charged for parking.  Seems simple to fix, right?  No one at Marriott “customer care” or the KeyBridge Marriott disagrees that I was incorrectly charged twice for parking (of one car for one night).  And it was added in a sneaky fashion as there was just the one, correct, charge on the bill under the door but the email folio that I only saw when I returned home had 2 parking charges.  Yet I am told no one can do anything about it.  I paid using a Marriott gift card.  I still have the same gift card used because I don’t know if they would need that particular card to refund.  I asked they just put the charge back on the gift card used. Or send me a check.  Or send me a new gift card for the amount.  I paid for the Marriott gift card, which is a Marriott-accepted form of payment, they double charged me but say there is nothing that can be done to correct their error?  I don’t accept that, I keep trying and they keep hoping I will go away.  I do not want to reward customer theft and so don't go away.  My last email was to customer care on 12/31 sent as instructed by a horrifyingly terrible customer service rep who chided and yelled at me as if I had wronged Marriott.  Of course, after sending it, I received an auto response email that I would be contacted shortly…..… nope 

I have now stopped staying at Marriott's and will soon be cancelling my Visa card due to the utter lack of regard for customer goodwill OR doing what is right and reversing a charge that they acknowledge was not legitimate.  Does anyone have a contact higher up than the misnamed customer care group?   Thanks.