Security and Honesty in Lost & Found

Discussion created by yosof on Aug 16, 2015
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I'm wondering what people's experience of Lost & Found in Marriott properties are. If you lost something and reported it, have they ever found it? Worse - did you have to escalate in order to get security to expedite your request - or to even do anything?


I've been a Marriott Platinum member since 2013 - here are the 3 cases that come to mind. I'm concerned that the one time I was able to retrieve a lost item, I had to push (pretty hard, in my opinion) for them to even _actually_ look in the bin! I'm currently at my hotel worried about my lost item. I'm looking for advice on what I should do, or if I really have to push extra hard again for them to even bother searching!


A. In January 2013, I had a wonderful stay at the Cosmopolitan of LV - except I was so relaxed I forgot my laptop on a sofa! I realized this at the airport, when I had to send an important work-related email. And then I canceled my flight, scheduled for one later in the evening and rushed right back to get it. Back at the hotel, security claimed they had to wait till the end of the day if the maid had reported anything left in the room - I told him that I needed my laptop for my work immediately and that I had rescheduled my flight to depart later that evening, but he didn't seem to understand the importance. I asked for the GM, who wasn't available. I tried escalating this to some supervisors, but no one seemed to care. But it was only after I got my lawyer on the phone, threatening a lawsuit, that they expedited my request and immediately brought out my laptop!


B. Earlier this June, I left my swimsuit hanging on the bathroom door at Santa Clara Marriott - I realized this the next day (repacking for another trip to another Marriott property), but was told they didn't find it. It's an old suit, so that's fine (though it's worn out in places that make it quite comfortable).


C. Earlier today: Renaissance LAX, restaurant bar around 6pm Aug 15. Back seating area, with the couch and TV and wooden chess set - which was missing the queen piece. We played chess for variety - I used a small USB flash drive to play the missing white queen. We left the restaurant bar area to summon a Uber in the lobby. Minutes later, I realized that I had left my USB flash drive on the chessboard. (It looks like the middle one - and yes, it's a cheap plastic thing from Costco, but there's content I haven't backed up on it yet). I went back to find it, but our table had already been cleared. There was a missing space where the white queen should be. I immediately reported this to the waitress who brought us our check - she gave me a piece of paper to leave my contact on. Returning later that night, no calls. Security received no found or returned items, but mentioned that their list might not be up-to-date.


Putting myself in the shoes of the busboy or whomever cleaned the table - maybe they thought it was a piece of plastic trash on the chessboard? I then asked if it's possible that they just threw it away mistakenly - if so, is it possible to look in the trash? I guess this is excessive, given that it's just a cheap flash drive, but it has dear content.


It's about 2 am as I'm writing this and I'm not able to sleep. I didn't escalate this to a manager this time, though night security said she'd leave a message for her supervisor who will be back in the morning (exact time unknown).