Separate email accounts

Discussion created by nadine on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2015 by jerryl

My husband and I have separate Marriott Rewards accounts.  We share the same email address for everything, as do a lot of couples.  Today I received an email from Marriott that we must have separate email accounts. Customer service says this is for SECURITY. That means I have to create an email account for my husband and remember to check it every day just to see if Marriott has graced us with a special message regarding a wonderful deal they are offering.  Hilton and Starwood DO NOT require separate email addresses.  Marriott is trying to make it too difficult to do business with them and I do have choices.  I am gold at both of the mentioned hotel chains and diamond at Best Western.  My solution is to use the points in my husbands accounts, not book any nights in his name, cancel the credit card.  Now that will help Marriott with their "security".  Just what is Marriott thinking?