They won't clean your room because you booked it with points ?

Discussion created by kiss123ds on Aug 14, 2015
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I have been with Marriott for over 15 years, both with Marriott rewards and Marriott vacation club.


I am staying at the Marriott Grand Chateau Using my Marriott vacation points.


They won't clean my room at all ( but will give me sheets and towels to do it myself ) BECAUSE I USED MY POINTS TO BOOK THE RESORT....

WTF IS THAT ABOUT...... Are we not encouraged to book our vacations thru Marriott vacation club and USE OUR POINTS ?????


They won't clean my room or change my sheets until I stay here OVER 9 days.  I am not a pig and I change my sheets at home a minimum of 5 -7 days.


They are FAST at taking our money , but won't provide basic cleanliness standards for us.


I will be putting up my time share for sale and never use Marriott again as this company has stooped to the lowest level possible.ssues