Guaranteed temperature comfort in your room

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While I have posted this before, it has been a while and many new MRI members may not be aware of it so I figured I would post again.


Have you ever walked into your room and thought, wow it's hot in here! Or geez, it is freezing in here, I don't want to be in a meat locker! Or you have been given a room with windows that let in a lot of light that heat up the room and you just can't get comfortable? Well friends, worry no more!


Most Marriott rooms/suites use INNCOM thermostats. (Many other chains such as Hilton and Hyatt do as well). The key to comfort is knowing how to activate the VIP feature on the thermostat.


How to enable VIP on an INNCOM thermostat:


Push and hold down the "Display" button.

While holding down "Display", tap the "OFF/AUTO" button once, then tap the "UP" button once, and then release the "Display" button. The letters VIP will appear on the screen. The usual parameters of 65 and 80 will now change to 60 and 85. While I can't fathom staying in a room that is 85, I almost always set the room to 60 and adjust accordingly once the room cools down. In summer it is so amazing to walk into a cold room. I personally love sleeping in a cold room.


While I have heard a handful of people tell me that certain properties must have their own override that will make the VIP feature inoperable, I have never come across it. Enjoy your comfy rooms everyone!