I know I'm going to have a nice stay if Rebecca is around

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Courtyard Bremen is a hotel we visit once in a while. There are a lot of rather unpleasant things happened in this hotel - one morning we woke up with part of a ceiling on the floor (thank God that wasn't on us), fire alarm in the early morning and turned out to be nothing, someone making sexual sound every 10 minutes lasted until 1am...... None of these were handled promptly unfortunately.


Sounded like I'm writing in the wrong thread? No, let me continue: None of these incidents happened when Rebecca was around, some of these happened before she started working at the hotel.


Let's talk about Rebecca. First of all, her English is excellent - can't tell that she is German. She is polite, kind, helpful and most importantly - she loves her job and she learns and improves. Once when we arrived at the hotel (I checked in via Marriott app but underestimated the traffic so we arrived 3 hours later than expected), the FDC said, 'you are supposed to be here at 8pm and here's your key', nothing mentioned about the Platinum arrival gift. I felt that the comment was absolutely unnecessary. I was tired after an 8 hours drive and being greeted this way I felt that I have done something wrong, so I decided to claim my PAG compensation (I only do this when I don't get the right treatment from a hotel).


So the next day we contacted Rebecca and she started being defensive about it (maybe she doesn't know), saying that if we want the points she can just credit it. Then she said she will check and get back to us later. She did and apologize and we got our guarantee - we really appreciated that. People make mistakes once in a while, and it's not a problem as long as they correct their mistakes. Rebecca did and it's great. Now when we check-in there is a slip to remind all FDC to offer a choice of PAG


During the same stay, our fridge was broken, so we called Rebecca. She offered us to change room, and then we did. Unfortunately that room has no wifi signal so we had to change again. She told us that we can have a look at the room and check the wifi signal before we move. The signal was much better and so we moved. Rebecca told us that it's her favourite room in the hotel (not many FDC I talked to have an opinion about the rooms).


After that we had several stays there and when Rebecca is there we know that we will be well taken care of. She is always cheerful and great to deal with which is amazing (you don't find many of these in Europe). She never seems bothered if we ask too many questions and she even suggests us to try out different rooms at the hotel (she has a couple of rooms that she recommends). CY Bremen is on my list and I'll stay there whenever possible when I'm in town.


Rebecca truly deserves the spirit to serve award - she has it and there should be a Rebecca in every Marriott hotel.