IAH Airport Marriott Reno

Discussion created by jamesdean on Aug 11, 2015
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As most frequent travellers will know there a many hotels (Marriott & others) that are going though upgrades, renovations etc.

The Houston Airport Marriott is currently undergoing a major Reno.

I would like to give a "shout out" to the staff and management of this hotel for making the best of a difficult situation.

Staff were strategically located,very helpful, lots of signage, all in all a very pleasant one night stay, minimal dust and noise. I was sent to one of the newly renovated rooms and they are a hugh upgrade.

While the regular CL was closed they relocated to the upper tower. It was open on weekends with a full buffet breakfast.

I've stayed here many time before and this hotel was long overdue an upgrade, this current reno will transform this property in a major way.

Just one point, they need to institute a recycle program in the rooms for plastic's etc. most hotels already subscribe to this programe. Why not initiate this along with a new look.