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What do you think about this situation?   Who should I speak with?

Question asked by traveling4al on Aug 13, 2015
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I am seasoned business traveler (traveling over 25+ years) with about 300 employees and countless business associates who travel. I am frequently the one who picks the hotel for the meeting.  I have been "walked" to other hotels in the past when my room was given away due to a late arrival, but I have never been treated so poorly.  I am thinking I am no longer going to use Marriott for accommodations and or meetings.


Upon arrival at The Springhill Suites Pittsburgh Airport I was informed that my room was canceled.  The email below was sent to me while I drove from a meeting in Maryland.  Of course I had no way of reading the email while driving from Maryland to PA.  I am also aware that the hotel manager called my home phone which did no good because I was traveling.  Despite the fact I used the mobile check-in App to check-in my room was still canceled.  The manager did not call my travel agent (who booked the trip) or my cell phone.  Because my Amex number was stolen about two weeks ago I have a new card/number.  Apparently, the number was not updated in my profile.  As a result, the charge for my room did not go through.  Upon arrival the desk associate met me with the news of the cancellation, but not an offer to find or provide other accommodations. I learned that there were 6 people who had not yet arrived, but I could not get a room. I spoke with the manager via phone and he coldly stated that he followed the company policy (the end).

What interesting is the person I traveled with today had an old card on his profile as well and upon check-in he was asked to provide a credit card, but his room was never canceled.


Of course I am tired and mad, but what do you think?

Actual email



Good evening. I am contacting you regarding your reservation this evening at the SpringHill Suites Pittsburgh Airport. Unfortunately, your reservation was found to have been guaranteed with a credit card which failed to approve for the anticipated reserved rate and taxes once the cancellation window had passed. As a result of this, your reservation becomes non-guaranteed and subject to availability meaning that if the hotel is otherwise fully booked, your reservation is subject to immediate cancellation. I apologize and regret to inform you that we are not able to honor your non-guaranteed reservation for this evening. An attempt to reach you by phone with the number on file was not successful. Upon your arrival this evening (or if you may call prior), my staff will be happy to assist you with referral options to alternate properties for this evening.



SpringHill Suites by Marriott - Pittsburgh Airport

239 Summit Park Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15275


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