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Gold member of United but Silver level to Marriott!!!

Question asked by ymg on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by ymg

I am Gold member of United and last year I took the advantage of the partnership with Marriott and got my gold card but it expired last February. 

This year again I reached the gold status with United  but for some reason this year I can't seem to get my status to go through Gold and I been set as Silver (I guess I reached that status independently of the United partnership as I stayed several times in Marriott properties this year).

I have gone through the website couple of times (today I did it again) as I will stay in a Marriott property tis up coming Thursday and I need to have the benefit on check in earlier (Hopefully an upgrade too in this Residence inn property in Toronto). 

Has anyone else had this happen and did you get it resolved?

Thank you!