Extremely bad customer service

Discussion created by mbh on Aug 8, 2015
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I never had problems earning points booking through 3rd party sites previously, so recently I booked 9 nights at marriott in Amsterdam and Barcelona, during my check-in I provided my elite number to the hotels where they added them to my reservation and when asked, they guaranteed to me that i would receive points for my stays within 10 days after checking out.

So 2 weeks later my stay I did not receive the points, so I contacted Marriott through emails to claim those points only to be told that no points will be added to my account since the reservation was done through 3rd party.

- This is not the issue yet, please see below the way this issue was handled by Marriott reward customer service -:

1) I replied to Marriott explaining to them that I never had such issues before and I booked previously through the same website and that the hotels confirmed to me that the points will be added to my account within 10 days...... The reply came fast stating that they made a mistake previously by adding points to my account and that they will not do it again since 3rd party booking are ineligible rates.

2) I replied again explaining that the rates were exactly same as Marriott the only difference was that through that 3rd party website I had the option to cancel my booking where in Marriott website it was non refundable, and asked if anything can be done in this case since the "mistakes" Marriott made previously by counting similar short stays caused me to book this long stay without ant hesitating and without checking the terms and conditions. Mistakes have consequences and should be corrected in the right way..

3) my second email was completely ignored and they did not even bother with a reply for 5 days. I have also called Marriott and the lady who answered was very rude and just told me that instead of contacting us you should feel lucky we made a mistake in the past (I am not expecting to change the terms and conditions here, I am just expecting that if the person can't support or help in that matter to have a better attitude toward customers and at least be polite to them).

4) 5 days after my second email I sent another email telling them to at least respect their customers and reply to their emails and address their concerns, This time the reply came fast and short, again Marriott did not bother to address or even answer any of the concerns and questions I sent in my email and just said that we did not reply sooner since we are experiencing more than normal email volumes and there is nothing we can do in this case. Really?? first of all, if a chain like Marriott don't have the right number of employees or resourced to at least address their customers email, they should hire more people. Receiving many emails is never an excuse to ignore your customers emails. plus at least, I mean at least after the very late reply which came after a reminder, I expected to at least receive a decent email that addresses my points or explain the situation or even answer my questions.


I am not angry for not receiving the points even though I have the right to, since this whole misunderstanding happened because of Marriott previous mistakes of counting my stays. However, I am the main one to blame here since I did not read the terms and conditions well and I accept that. However, the way Marriott handled this case whether by email or phone was really bad and unprofessional  and showed that they have no respect for their loyal customer nor value their business.


Again, This is not about the points, this is about the poor and unprofessional customer service. Have this situation been handled in a professional way I would have not even bothered with a post.


I am a member of other hotels programs and never experienced such a bad customer services.