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Marriott Rewards Ko Olina points to trade for timeshare week frozen?

Question asked by conman on Aug 8, 2015

Hello Insiders,

We've owned 2 weeks Ko Olina since 2003. At that time, one would get 110k MR points to trade the week in. In the following 12+ years, the value of MR has seen some serious inflation, with stays requiring more points and new and higher categories being added, decreasing the value of those points dramatically. In the mean time, the maintenance fees have skyrocketed, more than doubled, yet I still only get 110k points when I trade my week. Another limitation is that one can only trade a week for MR points every other year. I am in the Destinations points program as well but find it too limited. My questions to the Insiders:

1) Do all y'all get the same MR points still when trading in a week, or is it just Ko Olina?

2) Did anyone buy a Ko Olina week recently? And if so, what's the price via Marriott and: what is the current MR points trade value?

3) Anyone had any luck selling Ko Olina weeks via Redweek? Marriott itself is hopeless, offering under $10k for a week I bought at $35k and, rumor has it, now goes for around $60k?

Note that despite these issues, I am a Lifetime Platinum Marriott fan :-)


Con Jager