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Is this typical for Marriott Rewards?

Question asked by stoddaj1 on Aug 11, 2015
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After being encouraged by a frequent traveler friend to switch loyalty from Hilton to Marriott we are rather perplexed. We booked a stay at the Orlando Springhill Suites last January for a stay in May, using our free night certificate. Upon our return noticed that 25000 pts were removed from our account. When calling the silver rewards line were told that the pts had changed to 25000 from the 20000 when we booked, meaning our cat. 4 certificate would not work. The kind man said this should not have happened as the reservation was made prior to this change, and that he would contact the hotel to have the issue fixed and points returned to the account. Two weeks later they were not there so we made another call. At this time we were told that we had made the change the day we checked out which was certainly not the case and we had not done so. Upon expressing this to the "gentleman" he told me that we most certainly could have done so in a very disrespectful manner. As I expressed my displeasure politely again, he interrupted me saying "one minute" and left. When he came back on the line he told me that Marriott Rewards would make a one time, good faith return of the points to our account but that this was a one time thing which would not be happening again. I expressed my concern that this would not be a good faith return of points because it was not anything that we did which caused the problem and that I wanted the record to state that in case anything ever happened again.


Needless to say we are not pleased and are wondering if we should have ever left the Hilton program for Marriott. We are very easygoing travelers and generally put up with many things which others would not, but this really bothers me. Is this the usual course of business? Should we contact someone to share our experience? Thoughts are appreciated from all.

PS  Shortly after this after staying in two rooms in an Ontario hotel for 5 nights each and requesting a late checkout at the hotel we were told that nothing could be done but that we could wait in the lobby for 6 hours and use the remote control for the tv.  Grrrr  TReally thinking we should take out business and personal stays back to the Hilton chain.