Why I stay at Courtyard about 30% of the time

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 6, 2015
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I know there is little love for CY on this site, but here is why I choose to stay at Courtyard almost one out of every three stays. For me the decision is based on three factors


  1. Location – wherever I go, finding a CY is easy. In many areas I visit, there are no full service brands so the choice is between CY, FI, and RI (see item 3 below).
  2. Price – since I almost always use the government rate, it’s merely a matter of finding a property that offers it. CY frequently does, though when I can find a FS brand in the same area, I always pick that over CY. When I can stay at a JW, Ren, or FS Marriott for the same price as a CY, I'd be crazy to pass that up, especially with Platinum benefits such as potential upgrades and CL access.
  3. Platinum Arrival Gift – since reaching Platinum, this is a factor at non-full service brands (CY offers 400 points. SHS, FI, RI, and TPS each offer 200 points). Also since most of my stay are for one night, staying at 3 CYs over 3 FIs, yields 1200 points instead of 600 points. Choosing a FS brand is better at 500 points but unless the government rate is offered, the price usually difference doesn't make sense.


No matter where I stay, about half the time I don't eat breakfast at the hotel. At locations with a CL or brands that include breakfast, I often am already on the road before breakfast is available. At CY, I don't even consider the Bistro for breakfast. I will admit to having dinner at a CY Bistro twice, both times because after a full day of driving, I just couldn't make myself get back in my car (and there was nothing good within walking distance).


So, while CY is not my first choice (definitely prefer Ren or FS Marriott which combined make up about 25% of my stays) CY often becomes my go to brand for the reasons above.


As I mentioned at the opening of this post, I know many Insiders don't have a favorable impression of the CY brand. While not my favorite, I do find myself staying at CY almost a third of the time.


How about you?

Do you avoid CY or do you end up staying there more than you prefer for some of the same reasons I do?