Rennaissance Fira Barcelona

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We stayed at the hotel out by the Ikea and closer to the airport. Still expensive cab ride since it is metered and not flat-rate like it is from the city center hotels. I forget the location but it is not central at all. We were only there for one night and the hotel staff were nice enough. There isn't an Executive Lounge here which really is annoying. You would think they would build one because the opportunity to create one there is tremendous.


Did I tell you about the views from the swimming pool? The pool is on the roof of the hotel and it must be like 20 floors up. Pretty darn cool and there is a bar up there too.


Has anyone else stayed there? What is there to do around there? We ended up walking much of the way back to town to explore neighborhoods we already knew because locally the staff couldn't recommend too much.


The ultra modern look may be too much for some but I enjoyed the experience. Leaving the hotel at 4 in the morning is a bit spooky since the the doors of the rooms open to the outside corridor!