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Is hot water standard for guests?

Question asked by the_truth on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by txman

For two weeks this property has been unable to provide hot water consistently to guests. No warnings or signs at the front desk advising people of this. They weren't even telling guests as they check in.


Last week when we were there we were told they were working on it. Some part was coming in on Monday. We forgot about it and assumed it was being fixed. This week when we checked in we found out the hard way the problem is still there. Yesterday if you ran the water for 25 minutes (Leed rating building awesomeness) you could get some luke warm water. "We're trying to get this done" they told us. Unfortunately, "trying" to me is a highschool term where you still got some credit. After highschool I was taught you got paid for results. This hotel is still "trying" after two weeks to get hot water in their new plumbing to work.


Horrible workmanship. Horrible way to handle it. They told me last week when asked why they didn't tell guests about the issue: "We don't want to alarm them." It was pretty alarming when I tried to take a shower at 6 am though! They did give us another room to shower and we left it at they would fix it on Monday before we returned this week. Shame on me for not checking before returning, right?


In process to change our future reservations to non-Marriot properties in the area. All of them in Frederick are owned by the same company.


We understand things break. It is a fact of life. It is the superior companies who manage the messaging to do the best they can. Sharon and team have done a **** poor job of handling this. They should consider changing their plumbing company, also.