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Stays Vs Nights - Lying Promotions

Question asked by adaverio on Aug 6, 2015
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Some months ago I booked 7 nights at the JW Marriot Essex House in NY in order to get the Gold Status, because of a short-period promotion. During my stay, I was treated like a Gold member and my Marriott account showed me this status. But now, Marriott downgraded me to Silver, because they say that 7 nights is not the same as 7 stays (?). Should I ,next time, do the check-in / check-out process 7 times in order to be counted as "Stays". It`s ridiculous and seems a liyng promo from Marriott.


Next time I will read the "small letters" more carefully....


I did a claim through rewards`s email and twitter and they don´t do anything.


Very disappointed...


Regards, Agustin