Courtyard "Pay more get less"

Discussion created by berkeley on Aug 3, 2015
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Have a meeting and need to stay at a Courtyard next two nights.  The anticipation has really got me thinking about how much Courtyard sucks for elite members.  I am life time Platinum and really try to avoid staying at CY.  Last week I stayed at a Hampton  Inn even though it cost more than the CY down the street.  I am gold at Hilton but usually prefer Marriott brands except CY.   Hampton Inn had a better room, better service and I was running late but could grab a free coffe and a bagged breakfast on my way to the car.   At CY they  never upgrade you, They don't have a lounge, they don't offer free breakfast or even free coffe to Platinum members yet their rates are usually as high or higher then other Marriott Brands.  I would prefer, Marriott, Residence Inn, Fairfield or even Town Place over CY.  Now I have to admit that when I travel for work I am on per diem so I like the free stuff but if I were on an expense account I would prefer either the added service of room service or a full service restaraunt or the speed of the club lounge or Fairfield style buffet.   At CYthey combine the incovience of having to wait in line in the morning with high priced mediocre food.  Am I crazy or Are they really trying to encourage  elite members stay elsewhere.  Are there others who feel as I do? Or am I missing something about the CY value proposition.