The Most Courteous Housekeeper Ever!

Discussion created by mordyperlstein on Jul 30, 2015
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We stayed at the Marriot Courtyard (Poughkeepsie, NY) towards the end of July 2015.  A Hotel for us usually serves as a resting place overnight while our days are occupied w/some local attractions or magnificent scenes.  This time we were proven wrong!  Our housekeeper named "Carolina" proved that a hotel itself is an exciting venue as well.  Her talent, chearfulness and spunk added some excitement and reverence to the hotel stay as well.  Her interest in every intricate detail as far as serving the customer, in addition to her educative background gave us an incentive to advocate for local colleges to create a degree in "Great Housekeeping".  She for one won't need it as she seems to have graduated already!  Keep her going, as she is an asset, not a mere employee!