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How can I earn Gold in three weeks? (I need 11 more Elite Nights)

Question asked by viennaalways on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by 702rugbyref

Hi All!


I'm looking for advice on how to gain Gold status by August 15 (before a trip on which I'll spend six nights in three different Marriotts).  I currently have 39 nights.  I have the Marriott credit card and so does my husband (he has a separate rewards account).  Any tips?


I thought of signing up for the Ritz Carlton credit card, which would give automatic Gold status.  But I'm so close that I'd rather not pay the $395 to do that.  Plus, I wouldn't keep both cards so it would mean giving up for the free night at a Marriott each year.  I'll likely need to do the Ritz card in 2017 to keep gold status as I don't travel quite enough to maintain Gold on just credit card + travel along.


I've heard of Gold challenges but it looks like you don't get Gold until the completion of the challenge.


Thanks for any tips!


- Vienna