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Shouldn't be Marriott if they don't participate.

Question asked by munk318 on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by doddsy69

I am confused as to why and how hotels are a part of Marriott if they don't participate in Marriott Rewards?  As a loyal Marriott Platinum member, all of my stays are based around 1) Is it a Marriott brand 2)Points 3)Stays toward my annual amount.  I recently stays in Vail Colorado at Douglas Streamside, which is part of Vacation Club.  I hadn't received my credit for the stay and when I called was told they do not participate in Marriott Rewards.  The rewards program is a large part of what keeps me as a loyal customer.  Marriott, if you are going to have hotels that do not participate in the rewards program, you should make this transparent when booking the room.  It took the Rewards Customer Representative about 3 minutes to finally find something in the marriott rewards fine print stating some hotels may not participate.  After over 1200 stays, this would be a first and one of the first times one of my very few complaints will not get resolved.