Marriott Changes to Earning Points and Nights

Discussion created by suhrfam on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by 702rugbyref

I have been a Gold member for several years with a couple of years at Platinum, obviously based on my travel patterns.  As I am in the travel industry, I utilize the travel rate which is a special rate.  Usually, the rates are $5-$10 less than the AAA rate.  Almost not worth the aggravation, but every penny my company saves is a good thing!!!  Now, Marriott has decided that they will enforce a policy that was never enforced in the past.  If you use a special rate, you will no longer receive points and nights.  Hilton does not have this policy, and my company has a corporate agreement with them.  I have always chosen Marriott with the travel rate because it was often cheaper than our corporate rate with Hilton.  Plus, I am a fan of Marriott.  I will qualify as a Gold member by the end of August again, but that will probably draw the line for me.  Even today, I received an email from Hilton stating that they wanted me back.  With my travel pattern, I will probably add another 30 nights this year.  Marriott won't get them.  Maybe there is too much profitability at Marriott that giving points and nights on a rate that is $5-$10 less than a rate that receives points and nights isn't worth it.