Platinum Status - loyalty pays off

Discussion created by vadimostrovsky on Jul 28, 2015
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I travel a bit and loyal to Marriott. While, on the road, I keep a score of Marriott's holding up it is side of the loyalty "social contract". Two nights ago, I was shown again that Marriott is a great brand and loyalty to it does pay off.


Stayed on points at Courtyard Charleston Summerville and did not get an upgrade even though there were up-grade rooms available. The employee at the counter was new and she thought that I could not get an upgrade on points.


Next morning, I spoke to Jessica D, assistant general manager. She was great and gave me a fair compensation in points for the inconvenience.


Did she/hotel have to do it, NO, there is no obligation. However, I was treated fairly for my loyalty to the brand.


Thank you Jessica and Courtyard Charleston Summerville!