Review of Portland Fairfield Inn at the Airport

Discussion created by jasoncampbell on Jul 26, 2015
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The location is horrible due to the traffic on the main route to the hotel. diiner choice-wise if you wany anything besides fast fattening food and Panera everynight you need to drive at least 15 miles away. But due to proximity to I205 and Portlands crappy road design it will take you sitting in traffic 30 minutes juat to get from the hotel to the connection with 205.

Also the staff doest really cater to reward members. Out checkout I had an incompetent staff
member that could not figure out how to check me out properly and charged my
card wrong when switching cards to my billing card. this really pissed me off. She not only had to perform two authorization
transactions, but additionally for some reason I was double hit another
authorization for the same the next day on Saturday. they tied up
almost $900 of my travel money for a 3 night stay. I called to complain but no one was willing to help me.