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Checking bags at hotel I'm not staying at?

Question asked by muuurph on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2015 by 702rugbyref

I am going on an Alaskan cruise o and from Seattle.  Staying at the Residence Inn Union Park before we leave.  My question is in regards to when we return.  The boat gets into port at 7 AM, and I figure we'll be off the boat by 10:00 AM.  This leaves us a few hours to explore Seattle before our 5:30 flight.  The Residence Inn is conveniently located between the port and the airport in downtown Seattle.  So I was thinking on checking our bags with the bell captain.  Do you think this is possible?  I don't remember ever being asked for a room key when I have checked my bags, and I dont know if they even care if you're staying there.  Thoughts?