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InsitesCommunities Marriott International Forum June 2015 - No reward points ...?

Question asked by collisr on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by carat

Hi everyone. As an elite reward member, I was asked to join a forum - hosted by Insites Communities ( on behalf of Marriott International.


The forum was a 2 week question and answer/blog-style focus group to help with a rebranding of Marriott. Around 50 of us participated several hours with the commitment that we would receive 10000 reward points for our effort.


Fast forward to end July 2015 and I haven't seen any reward points. The last communication we had from insites consulting was a note saying "Marriott were taking longer than usual to credit the points". Since then follow up emails with the consulting company have been ignored.


Is this something anyone on this forum has also experienced? I believe the forum was for the UK and the eastern US.


Does anyone from Marriott Rewards know anything about this consulting company and can help?